Supplement to Proclus

Proclus’ Works (the main extant works)

[i] Elements of Theology
[ii] Platonic Theology
[iii–v] Tria opuscula (Latin)
[iii] Ten Problems Concerning Providence
[iv] On Providence, Fate and What Depends on Us
[v] On the Existence of Evils
[vi] Commentary on Plato’s Alcibiades (up to 116b)
[vii] Commentary on Plato’s Cratylus (up to 407c)
[viii] Commentary on Plato’s Timaeus (up to 44d)
[ix] Commentary on Plato’s Parmenides (up to 142a)
[x] Commentary on Plato’s Republic (in different essays)
[xi] Elements of Physics
[xii] Commentary on Euclid’s Elements, Book I
[xiii] Exposition of Astronomical Hypotheses
[xiv] (frag.) On the Eternity of the World, against the Christians (18 arguments)
[xv] (frag.) Commentary on Hesiod’s Works and Days
[xvi] Hymns

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