Supplement to Proclus

Proclus’ Complete Works (extant, lost, and spurious)

  1. Systematic Philosophical Works
  2. Commentaries on Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, and Porphyry
  3. Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy
  4. Theological Tradition and Theurgy
  5. Hymns and Epigrams
  6. pseudo-Proclus

A. Systematic Philosophical works (extant)

[1] Elements of Theology
[2] Platonic Theology
[3-5] Tria opuscula
[3] Ten Problems Concerning Providence (Latin)
[4] On Providence, Fate and What Depends on Us (Latin)
[5] On the Existence of Evils (Latin)

B. Commentaries on Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, and Porphyry

1. On Plato

[6] Commentary on the Alcibiades (up to 116b)
[7] Commentary on the Cratylus (up to 407c)
[8] Commentary on the Timaeus (up to 44d)
[9] Commentary on the Parmenides (up to 142a)
[10] Commentary on the Republic (in different essays)
[11] Prolegomena to Plato’s Philosophy
[12] Purification of the doctrines of Plato
[13] Commentary on the Gorgias
[14] Commentary on the Phaedo
[15] Commentary on the Theaetetus
[16] Commentary on the Sophist
[17] Commentary on the Phaedrus
[18] Commentary on the Symposium (on the Discourse of Diotima)
[19] Commentary on the Philebus
[20] On the three Monads (in the Philebus)
[21] Monograph (gr. monobiblion, On the knowledge of the One [?])
[22] Collection of the mathematical theorems related to the Timaeus
[23] (frag.) Examination of Aristotle’s arguments against the Timaeus
[24] (frag.) On Plato’s Three Proofs of the Immortality of the Soul (Latin / Arabic)

2. On Aristotle (lost)

[25] Prolegomena to the study of Aristotle (gr. sunanagnôsis)
[26]–[29] Commentary on Aristotle’s Organon: On Categories, On Interpretation, On Prior and Posterior Analytics

3. On Plotinus and Porphyry (lost)

[30] (frag.) Commentary on the Enneads of Plotinus
[31] Commentary on Porphyry’s Isagoge

C. Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy

[32] Elements of Physics
[33] Commentary on Euclid’s Elements, Book I
[34] Exposition of Astronomical Hypotheses
[35] (frag.) On the Eternity of the world, against the Christians (in 18 arguments)
[36] (dub.) Commentary on Nicomachus’ Introduction to Arithmetic


[37] (frag.) On Place
[38] (frag.) Letter to Aristocles
[39] (frag.) On Light
[40] (frag.) Uranodromos
[41] (dub.) On Eclipses (Latin)
[42] (dub.) On Parallel Lines

D. Theological Tradition and Theurgy (lost)

[43] On Orphic theology
[44] (frag.) On the Chaldaean Philosophy
[45] (dub.) Commentary on pseudo-Pythagoras’ Golden Verses (Arabic)
[46] On the Harmony of Orpheus, Pythagoras and Plato with the Oracles
[47] Commentary on the whole of Homer
[48] On the Gods of Homer
[49] (frag.) Commentary on Hesiod’s Works and Days
[50] (frag.) On Sacrifice and Magic (On Theurgy)
[51] On Mythical symbols
[52] On the Mother of the Gods
[53] On Hecate
[54] On Elevation [sc. by means of theurgy] (gr. peri agôgês)

E. Hymns and Epigrams

[55] Hymns
[56] (dub.) Hymn on the God (ô pantôn epekeina)
[57] Epigrams

F. pseudo-Proclus

[58] Paraphrasis of the Tetrabiblion of Ptolemy
[59] Commentary on the Tetrabiblion of Ptolemy
[60] On the Sphere (lat. De Sphaera)
[61] Chrestomathia
[62] On Epistolary Style

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