Supplement to The Psychology of Normative Cognition

Long description for the figure in the Psychology of Normative Cognition

Figure description

The diagram has two halves. The first half is labeled “Acquisition Mechanism” and the second, “Execution Mechanism”. Acquisition Mechanism has a box divided by a dashed line. The first half of the box contains the text “infer contents of normative rules” and the second half contains the text “identify norm implicating behavior”. Below this box is the text “Proximal Cues in Environment” with an arrow pointing from the text to the box. An arrow also points from the box to the large box in Execution Mechanism.

Execution Mechanism consists of a large box containing the text:

  • norm data base
  • \(r_1\) …
  • \(r_2\) …
  • \(r_3\) …
  • …&
  • \(r_n\) and a dotted line
  • Rule-related reasoning capacity

Two small boxes are adjacent to this large box. One near the start has the text “compliance motivation” and the other, near the end, has the text “punitive motivation”.

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