Notes to Suhrawardi

1. Rather than indicating page and line numbers to refer to the Walbridge/Ziai and the Corbin editions of the Philosophy of Illumination (Hikmat al-Ishraq), references will consist only of paragraph (§ or §§) numbers (which are similar in both editions).

2. Michael Privot and Haruo Kobayashi are currently, independently of each other, preparing a critical edition of Shahrazuri’s Divine Symbols and Proverbs (al-Rumuz wa al-Amthal al-Lahutiyya fi al-Anwar al-Mujarrada al-Malakutiyya).

3. Sajjad Rizvi, 2016, “Reconceptualization, Pre-Text, and Con-text”, Marginalia: Los Angeles Review of Books, available online, August 25.

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